My Brother

My naughty little brother
Has crossed his limits further
I, his elder sister
Greet him by saying “Hello Mister!!”

I say this to him very politely
But he holds his mouth tightly
And starts laughing or crying
Sometimes he’s in a bad mood so my brain starts frying

Sometime he thinks it’s funny
He’s as cute as a bunny
But sometimes he’s so irritable
When he extra charges himself from the charging cable

When I try teaching him how to talk
He just simply starts his random walk
And says everything else
But what it means he never tells

When he wants something
And I don’t give him that something
He starts yelling
So I start quelling

Sometimes I am fed up
He never lets me drink milk in my favorite cup
He’s completely mad
He’s a storm not lad

Everyone says he’s brainless
So he makes a mess
He is innocent
They say in a kind, understanding accent

My mother says
It sometimes is a maze
To understand brother love for their sisters
As they are naughty misters

Once I thought about it
And realized a bit
As when I cried
He too cried

He hugged me
That gave me a lot of glee
He wiped my tears
Which erased my fears

I love him a lot
He too loves me a lot
We have a heart connection
Whether there is or not internet connection


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